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Using Sales Leads To Your Advantage

“It’s not about having the right opportunities, it’s about handling the opportunities right.” (Mark Hunter). When referring to sales leads, this line screams of truth. Sales leads provide opportunities to not only reach sales quotas but to exceed them. However, these leads are useless without understanding how to best utilize them. Finding a Sales Lead […]

Off-Road Marketing Strategies

        Off-Road Marketing Strategies: The Guidelines Most businesses are running the marketing strategy through emails, cold calls, social media and usual methods out there on the road but try using the following off-the-road guidelines to get excellent results using, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. […]

Major Guidelines for Maximizing ROI on Entrepreneurial Journey

You, the entrepreneur have put your heart and soul into making your dream project come true. Now, with the business running, your aim is to maximize your ROI and here are the guidelines you need: Define ROI Destination To avoid a wild goose chase, you need to define goals which, in turn, will yield real-time […]

The Ultimate Frontier: Your Web Page

The Ultimate Frontier: Your Web Page There are umpteen ways to entice prospects to your product web page but one of the common denominators is your website. As you take advantage of trusting database of and start reaching out to potential prospects, the leads are sure to visit your web pages. The following factors […]

Recency – Frequency – Monetary Value: The Three Legged Database Marketing Strategy

Three Legged Database Marketing Strategy: RFM Database Marketing, a three-legged strategy, balanced on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value are together known as RFM. As an entrepreneur, you take advantage of excellent time-tested leads from and build effective marketing strategies to maximize your ROI. At the onset, your team must understand what those three interdependent […]

Building Your Brand and Gaining Awareness

Art of Brand Awareness   Every entrepreneur dreams of his company’s brand name to have a recognition starting from the concerned business sector to beyond. The path to success is multi-faceted and systematic. On their own, both of these have strengths and weaknesses but an optimized combination of the following factors yields amazing results to build […]

Content, Content, Content…The Force Behind Successful Marketing

Content is the Force Behind Successful Marketing Over the years, with the changing scenario of marketing strategies, not only are there emails, search, social and many other channels but also it has been proven that “Content” is the blood running in the veins of all kinds of marketing efforts. Although the basic undercurrent of content […]

Marketing Strategies and How To Understand Them

Magic Word to Follow: “Understanding” The marketing strategies of a majority of businesses are always evolving. That being said, optimizing different aspects instead of the strategy as a whole will bring the best results. Use the time-tested business and consumer database from and include the following steps to provide a better understanding. Understanding Customer/Prospect Factor: […]


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