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Art of Brand Awareness


Every entrepreneur dreams of his company’s brand name to have a recognition starting from the concerned business sector to beyond. The path to success is multi-faceted and systematic. On their own, both of these have strengths and weaknesses but an optimized combination of the following factors yields amazing results to build your brand. With the availability of accurate leads from, you should be on the road to a higher level of brand awareness.


Consistent Logo and Image


Your target audience will definitely get confused if you keep changing your logo across marketing platforms. Keep the main aspects of the design the same to avoid confusion and increase brand awareness.


Direct Mail Magic


Direct mail, specifically brand consistency, landing at the doorsteps of your targeted audiences, does wonders. Even when the receiver picks up and throws it in the garbage without reading, remember that his/her subconscious memory registers your prominent logo/image. When this happens many times, the person remembers your name/logo/image when the need arises for a product or solution.


Digital Platforms


Marketers need to vigilant using different digital platforms. The bottom line will be to keep a high level of image/logo consistency across their various marketing channels. For example, there are differences in the way your team needs to post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram but the tone and image must have a loud voice of consistency.


Call to Action


Many methods are used in marketing strategies that raise brand awareness. For example, with direct mail, such call-to-actions are working wonders in some of the business sectors like real estate, promoting to a target audience. Whatever is your sector, there is always an innovative way forward, you can design to test your audience. The experiments will precipitate the best path forward on the road to a much rewarding customer journey.


Luring to Stay


While your marketing strategy stays remains defined, it’s best to design other marketing materials. Using snail mail, your team can drive traffic to your website. Promotional offers and incentives will go a long way in attracting a prospect to consider your products.

Using CRM


Last but not the least is the powerful tool of CRM101 which is free on for you to use. According to Prajol Shakya, Software Developer for, ”Being able to reach out to multiple leads by sending saved email templates with just a few clicks makes the work of the user so much more efficient.”



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