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The Ultimate Frontier: Your Web Page

There are umpteen ways to entice prospects to your product web page but one of the common denominators is your website. As you take advantage of trusting database of and start reaching out to potential prospects, the leads are sure to visit your web pages. The following factors can help you take full advantage of leads and not squander your chances of a profitable ROI.


A proven track record says visitors will respond better to aesthetically attractive web pages. First glance at the site should provide the basics needed by a prospect without scrolling down or jumping to other pages or links.

Professional Touch

You can visit thousands of websites and see for yourself that the ones you stop at. All have a professional touch and very focused theme. One look and you are able to decipher what the web page is for. Make sure your marketing team doesn’t do a sloppy job of providing the web developing team with details. Webmasters are technically sound people but make sure to double-check the content and product details.

Form for the Visitors

A website is incomplete without forms, which offer a free consultation and additional information. The placement of such a form on the site should be above the fold on the main page and not hidden in “Contact us” section. This facilitates the experience of the prospect to get a further question answered on the product offered by your enterprise.

Security Hiccups

With the news media flooded with security breaches and other allied stories, visitors are hesitating to either give any personal information or fill out any forms. A link to a privacy policy can help sooth the nerves but keep it two-fold. One where you outline major issues, then a detailed one. A bold assurance that all personal information is handled with discretion and care will alleviate concerns.

Primary Purpose

Remember to keep your focus, which is to keep the visitor on your site for some time. Satisfy their curiosity with regard to your product and cap it all by making them your customer. Your website is an answering mirror to the questions/queries of the visiting prospect and remembers to avoid your personal taste or other mundane things. Instead of much fanfare and colors, it’s best to keep it simple and easier to navigate and address exactly what the user is searching for.


Take advantage of opportunities offered by your web pages, which are one of the most important tools for your business. This is used by the visiting prospect to send out the filled questionnaire or other more information forms. Instead of words like “submit”, it is better to use verbs like “Click”.

With these factors, you are ready to use the database of with the highest quality lead generation. Business databases are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

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