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Magic Word to Follow: “Understanding”

The marketing strategies of a majority of businesses are always evolving. That being said, optimizing different aspects instead of the strategy as a whole will bring the best results. Use the time-tested business and consumer database from and include the following steps to provide a better understanding. New Tagline

Understanding Customer/Prospect Factor:

“The customer is always right.” First, a thorough research of the available customer data using AI solutions will provide a general template for reaching out to similar prospects. There are various databases available at These databases can be extremely helpful in segregating and fully utilizing the consumer data with their free CRM101 tool.


Engagement Understanding

 Once the particular segregated database lists are ready it’s time to engage. One of the most recent and popular engagement tools used today are social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter both offer polling abilities where you can directly ask for the opinions of followers of the particular brand/company. Including a special offer in the poll-post will greatly increase traffic and engagement. Also, directly engaging with a customer base on social media shows a high level of understanding.

Understanding Testing

 Keeping loyal customers engaged in beta tests and new offers while receiving their feedback will do wonders. Some customers enjoy testing new modifications of the product as it keeps them engaged. Loyal customers then feel involved in the development of the products and provide much-needed word-of-mouth promotion.


Review Rights Understanding

 The ‘review rights procedure’ is used primarily for digital platforms. Many social media platforms allow businesses to run a review process and get feedback on their products. Anyone can implement this method simultaneously through other marketing channels and website platforms. Customers can review products and feel involved like they’re a part of the experience.


Understanding Demographic Factors

 There are many evolving methods to filter a customer base into chosen demographics for internal use. Multiple points of interaction, both online and offline yield this knowledge without leaking the information to outer domains. Make sure to factor this information when planning to approach certain prospects. Over time it will become apparent how crucial this data is to accomplish business goals. Using search tools through you can pour the data into a CRM101 tool included in the subscription and reap the monetary benefits.




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