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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Usage

In the fast-paced modern era of marketing strategies, there is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and lead generation. Your marketing team is also focusing on it but understanding the basics is most important.

The AI solutions not only help extract insightful details out of your databases but also identify new prospects. The CRM tool, freely available with is an asset in managing the latter process while it’s time-tested databases apply to the former.

From Database

There are a select few AI solutions now available in the market to identify and extract details from your database. Some of the AI can decipher the connections between different leads and thus project prospects to pursue. These AI systems also get better at handling your big data as the process unfolds.

From Online

All your emails and other activities online from your different departments are also potential sources of lead generation. Most of the time your marketing team can miss the changing jobs, updated signatures, and allied information. An optimum AI solution can track those changes and yield results from in-office/out of office replies. And also track email signatures for updates.

Turning Prospects into Clients

In a very subtle way, the AI solutions can monitor the number of visits to your website. Also, the time spent there, the content read and other allied activities. These observations optimize your data and provide your sales team with an easy list of prospective clients. Over a period of time, AI is emerging as better equipped than humans in taking less time with more efficiency to deliver these results.


AI Bots on Website

Using a 24X7 AI solution to engage and enhance the interest of visitors is a must. Compared to cold calling or emailing, the initiative is from the prospect and your AI solution will guide you to take advantage of that in a positive way. Human engagement is essential especially once a conversation with a prospect has started.

Helping Hand of AI

Entrepreneurs understand the value of a customer. The AI solutions prove to engage customers looking for a solution. An immediate response will satisfy the customer.

Identifying Contact Channels

The AI solutions also make it possible for your sales team to identify the preferred channels of communication with individual prospects. Use the preferred channels immediately as it plays a major positive role in the communication and increases the chances of lead conversion.


CRM Usage

There is a psychological advantage your team gets when armed with all these facts about the prospects. The Free CRM tool helps in keeping records, track progress and makes sure no prospect is left behind.

For any roadblocks or problems your sales team might encounter using CRM, there is a dedicated team of experts at and always ready to provide guidance.



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