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How to and Limits

It’s like a token we give for downloading. One credit equals one contact to download into an excel file. You now own this record.
To view our current download limits please visit our Pricing Page. If you currently have an account, you can view the number of credits remaining, whether that be per month or total, by logging into your account and navigating to Credits Remaining (found at the top of the page) or by contacting your sales representative.

Within the build your search feature locate the ‘Contact Options’ tab. Within this tab you will check the ‘Search by Phone Availability’ box. That will remove records that do not have a phone number. You will also want to click on “Omit DNC Registry Listings” and check the box. That will remove records on the Federal DNC (Do Not Call List).

The lists are in CSV format, which can be used in a wide variety of programs such as Excel or OpenOffice.

Once you have completed your search, select the records you want to download and click ‘Download sales leads.’ A button will appear that will allow you to download the sales leads into a CSV format. You can also chose Advance Options where you can select a range of records to download.

To print labels complete the above steps, downloading your records into a CSV or Excel file. Import the download into Microsoft word or any other application that will format and print labels. If you have trouble with this, please call our customer success at 402.779.7333.

If you download your list but it still says processing, you may have encountered a technical issue. Close the processing box and click on Previous Downloads and download it again. If your list is not there, call Customer Service (877.448.0101) so we can resolve the issue for you.

If you download your list but can’t find it on your computer. Close the processing box and click on Previous Downloads and download it again. This time choose Open With, and your spreadsheet will open up. Now go to File, Save As and you can choose where you want your spreadsheet saved, as well as rename the file.

If you printed your list and the PDF did not come up, you may have a pop-up blocker on. To learn how to turn off your pop-up blocker, search “how to turn off pop-up blocker” and the browser you’re using into any search engine. If you do not find the answer, feel free to contact customer support at (877) 448-0101.


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