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Quality and Accuracy

We try to keep our databases as up to date as possible. We compile our own Business database which means it gets updated at least once every month. Our Consumer database is provided by third parties and gets updated twice a year.

Our business database is the only triple-verified database among data compilers.We have 95% accuracy. Our consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate. We provide you with the highest quality databases, but keep in mind that no list is 100% accurate. We do stand behind our data so if you find a bad lead, we’ll replace it at no cost. Please see Data Quality for more information.

Yes, we do scrub our leads against the Federal Do Not Call List but cannot ensure total guarantee.

New phone numbers are added to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing. If you select leads with phones ‘where available’, the leads that have phone numbers that match the DNC list will be flagged. If you select a list with 100% DNC scrubbed phones, all leads are scrubbed against the DNC list and all phone numbers that match are removed.

Additionally, because people add new phone numbers to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that these phone numbers have been removed from your leads before calling.

If you select 100% phones, all leads will contain a phone number; both available for calling and those that have been flagged for DNC.


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