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With the holiday season knocking on the door, your marketing team wants to accelerate the lead generation process. One of the sure ways to utilize all the lists provided by; where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. It’s time to optimize your Call To Action (CTA) using the following enhancers:


One of the most overlooked factors is lack of transparency in the offers. Most of the time, there are intentional or unintentional catches in the offers and usually, the visitor is confused thus leaving without acting on the CTA. Make sure there is complete transparency in your offer and there are no later hiccups.


Most people looking for a solution have a defined problem and if you can clearly offer a product/solution to address that, your visitor is all set to become a potential client.

Offers in the CTA

Instead of just using sugar-coated words to entice prospects, your team can make some offers which make the visitors ponder and feel the need to ask for more information. E-books, Free Trials, just a few Q-A from webinars or an offer to answer any queries of the visitors by your experts can go a long way in getting your leads to follow your CTA directions.


Placing the CTA is of paramount importance and special care should be taken to catch the roving eyes. Colorful presentation with highlighted contrast compared to the rest of the material is a sure sign to get attention. Never wait till the end of a page to place it.

Landing Page

Never a CTA should lead to a homepage and instead should have a landing page – dedicated to the purpose. Remember that when a visitor clicks on your CTA, there is expectancy to open exactly what you mentioned in the CTA; not to roam around your webpage.

Avoid Generics

Most of the successful conversations and actions are taken on CTAs are generated when specific words – prompting actions – are used. It’s best to avoid generic words in CTAs and your marketing experts can make sure to use action words specific to your business sector.



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