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Most marketing strategy gurus agree that not all lead generation ideas work for every kind of business, but lead generation pundits still vouch for cold calling which has worked over the years for most of the business sectors. Your team can put their energy into fine-tuning cold calling process rather than feeling frustrated with their dry “cold” scripted calls and searching for customers here and there. Here are some of the guidelines to make your phones work wonders for your business:

Prospect List Ready

You can use, where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. To make a reliable list optimize it for your particular business sector.

Basic Research

Your callers are advised to do the necessary research and find the name of the person/persons they need to talk to and make sure they have all the talking points, which they will like to raise. Your team will do best if they get a working knowledge of each prospect and the company. In your business domain, you can find the issues, most entities are facing and how your products/solutions can step in to help.

Cold Calling and Smiling

Every call must start with a smile which needs to be sustained throughout the call and that will make sure you go all the way to the bank smiling later. When you are able to make your prospect smile and join a conversation, you have won half the battle. Something magnetic happens when genuinely happy smiling persons call and there is a connect.

Respect Each

If you are looking for a CEO or a VP or any higher official in a business, never make the mistake of not respecting an assistant. Listening with respect to everyone is a must. You never know who, when and where is going to be your guide or your deal maker. Always best is to get the person identified with whom you are speaking to make sure, you are talking with the relevant person.

Look for Next Phase

Some businesses look forward to getting an appointment; because once you have an appointment, then you start the real sales process in such sectors. Depending on your particular business specifics, you must look for the next phase like another call or a demo appointment or an expert to speak to. This is a very business specific factor so your experts must define it and then follow up.

No Call Irrelevant

Remember no call is irrelevant whether its the first one or a nearing the deal. Any call can make or break a deal. Sometimes a nearly dead lead comes alive while a sure deal can go wrong – depending on how a call is being dealt. So your phone handlers must take care of every call as the most important one.


Today’s well-informed prospects do not like attention demanding so if you can earn their attention without pushing for a sale or offering your products/solutions, you are on fertile fields. Most of the business marketing leaders know how to define problems in their domain and discuss those.

Follow Up

A follow up when agreed, must be pursued at the terms of the prospects. Your team must immediately note the details and lock in relevant details for followup. Any slip-up or sloppy answers can cost you the deal.


Keep the aforementioned points in focus and using your phones for building lead generation into your routine; your team can see differences happening. Done in such an optimized way, your efforts will generate an excellent ROI, both with respect to time and cost.



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