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Understanding consumers is key to building a direct mail marketing campaign or developing email lists that drive sales. Big data, or customer information analytics, provides companies with the opportunity to examine client purchasing preferences and develop marketing strategies that are relevant to targeted consumers. Big data can be used as a tool to understand which marketing initiatives currently work and firms can then create projections for what might be effective in the future.

Computers acquire information but not value

Big data analytics allows marketers to track consumers in the digital space and offers a wealth of information for professionals who can interpret the data. According to IBM, the sheer volume of big data can be overwhelming, with over 2.5 quintillion bytes generated every day. But not all data is equal.

Big data involves any kind of created information and incorporates both structured and unstructured types. Unstructured data can be a hassle to monitor, as it can be anything from text to daily activity on social sites to videos posted online. Technology does not necessarily shift through the relevant statistics, and companies that use only the insights that the software finds can be missing out on developing creative campaigns that improve customer satisfaction.

Ways to use big data for creative marketing

Businesses looking to use big data within their advertising initiatives might want to only track information about target clients to decrease the amount of data being analyzed. Consumers prefer a personalized touch, and marketers can use big data to notice any digital spaces that can be improved, such as increasing website traffic through more targeted email lists.

If customers are attracted to video blogs or websites, companies can use this knowledge to begin creating similar videos to reach those consumers. If data suggests a certain segment of consumers are receiving less direct mail but are still subscribing to mailing lists, marketers might want to boost their direct mail campaigns and invest in more creative options, such as uniquely-shaped postcards.

Big data offers many benefits to marketers and businesses need to ensure they have a professional take the time to look at the information can help firms notice absences and develop innovative campaigns.

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