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Everyone in the marketing world knows about webinars; you might have hosted a few. But have you ever given a thought to the types and formats of a webinar that will really get your customers and prospects interested? To get the best out of your time, money and efforts, maybe you should address your audience on the following lines.

Sourcing for Audience

All efforts will fail if there is no reliable source of available leads. Your team is never sure where the next prospect is coming from and there are smiles when a visitor shows up and doom clouds hover when there is none. Here comes, where the business databases, have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy, and you can start reaching out to invite an audience for your free webinars.

Prospect Oriented

With a distilled list of prospects from, you are ready for webinars where your experts will address a common problem in your field and how your products/solutions are solving them, improving them as you listen to client feedback. Remember not to sound like a sales pitch talker. There will also be time for that later. Here just attract the attention, nurture the communication and listen for doubts and problems. As you go along, highlight the solutions, without sounding like pushing for a sale.

Product/Solution Demo

With your experts on your products, this kind of webinar helps generate interest and demonstrate that you have a solution to the problems facing your audience. Make sure to keep it short, informative and fine-tuned to your business specific audience.

Interactive Mode

The interactive mode can be added at the end of every webinar. But, you can also have specific ones where your experts interact with the audience. Taking their doubts and questions to provide answers and solutions. This kind of webinar, if held on a regular schedule, can also make you a leader in your business domain.

Workshop Style

On the lines of interacting with an audience but these are a more on-hands approach where the experts are kind of giving an informal training about the usage of your products and solutions. The aim is to show there are solutions to solve the problems of your audience. Along the way, there are explanations on how solutions are generated and doubts cleared about the usage.

Case Study

Once you have a list of customers who are actively pursuing communications with you; it is also worth having a case study webinar with real clients. The word of mouth from them is invaluable as they give a description of their problems and hiccups, then finding your products and getting a much-needed respite with those. This must not be attempted with a lot of clients at the same time as that will lead to a cacophony of contrasting views and opinions. Usually, more than two is not advisable anytime.

Innovative Approach

There can be many different approaches to host interesting and attention captivating webinars; you have to decide which ones work best for your business domain. Remember to avoid the herd mentality and get ahead by becoming a thought-provoking and solution generating leader.



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