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Email marketing is a limited medium to work in. You only have so much space to get your message across in the message body, and even less time to keep a consumer engaged. The constraints make email copywriting a tad difficult – it's not so easy reigning in a thought you know will work well, but may progress too slowly when read. That's why writers have to think big and write small.

One of the most important products of this philosophy is keeping email timely and relevant. In a world where news becomes old news if it's out for a day, reflecting the consumer demand for current topics in email is necessary. Thinking big picture but writing on a smaller scale will help marketers get their emails read.

Writing small will also help generate more leads. Consumers who receive your emails probably won't be too keen to act on a long-winded sales pitch, no matter how flowing and poetic the prose is. Compacting big thoughts into short pitches and calls to action is a recipe for success.

It also increases the likelihood a consumer will share an email and lead you to another customer. People are quite self-conscious when it comes to sharing things, and they worry that if a friend thinks an email is too long and high-brow, it will reflect badly on them.

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