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sales marketing mobile appSales and marketing professionals increasingly depend on their mobile devices to help them find and convert sales leads into customers. For this reason, vendors have worked tirelessly to develop apps that will bring increased business functionality to on-the-go professionals. This is an especially important benefit when it comes to the sales field. Here are some of our favorite mobile apps for sales and marketing professionals.

Hot Sales Leads:

Earlier this year, began offering free, unlimited business profiles and credit reports on its free mobile app. Previously, sales professionals had to spend hundreds of dollars and many hours researching and qualifying sales leads. Now they just have to type the business’s name into’s mobile app. With this feature, these mobile professionals also get lists of nearby businesses and area competitors.

The company’s mobile app is also a great way for these professionals to take their sales leads on the go with them.’s mobile app is an extension of its free contact manager, CRM101. The app will integrate with the device’s calendar, maps, and calling/email features to allow them to easily access and use’s data.

Organized Networking: ScanBizCards

When attending trade shows or networking events, sales and marketing professionals pick up hundreds of business cards. But after the event, one or more of those cards could get lost or misplaced. That is what led CircleBack to develop their inexpensive mobile app, ScanBizCards.

ScanBizCards takes photos of the business cards sales and marketing professionals collect and coverts the information on them into a contact list. The list can then be exported to a contact manager application. It also includes a thumbnail of the business card photo, the contact name and company, and the date it was added to the list.

Email Marketing: Tout

While Tout is a mainly web-based app, there a free iPhone app that sends template-based emails and displays the message’s status. Tout allows sales and marketing professionals to create templates for common email messages – like appointment confirmations. The app tracks the email and shows the user who has viewed it, clicked on a link, or responded.

Here is how it works. When a sales or marketing professional is viewing a Web page, the Tout browser plugin automatically scans for any email addresses listed. This helps sales and marketing professionals quickly find the person they are trying to get in touch with. It is similar to using a click-to-call plugin. Except instead of a phone call, they are sending an email in a matter of minutes.

Are you a sales and marketing professional who is always on the go? What mobile apps help you get more done?


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