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Telemarketing involves strong sales tactics and an understanding of the products or services being sold over the phone, but in order to find new customers with this marketing tactic, it’s important to solidify the fundamentals of sales calling. This involves having a clearly defined target audience and creating a message that effectively supports brand uniqueness and company initiative.

Leads and messages go hand in hand when it comes to contacting consumers on telemarketing lists. A strong message may be ineffective if it’s not for the right audience and vice versa. Conduct plenty of research, and know exactly who to talk to in the company to make the call worthwhile. Always have complete knowledge of what prospects need to hear to convince them to invest in a product or service.

The New Business Leads blog suggests business owners ask themselves why the sales lead should learn more about the company and identify their needs in areas of improvement. Offer a new way of approaching or solving that problem with the product or service, and structure the call based on information the potential client can benefit from.

Two of the biggest mistakes telemarketers make is not defining a target audience and have an over-scripted call for leads, according to Resource Nation. The first is essential for time management and allows companies to see a higher return on investment, while the second takes the passion and personality out of the message.


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