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Let’s Make Sales Calls Less Stressful

If you are not a seasoned salesperson making sales calls can cause a lot of anxiety. No one wants to be a bother, and they certainly don’t want to get yelled at just for trying to reach their goals. When you look at how essential these calls are to growing businesses and moving towards goals, […]

Be More Productive in your Sales

Lots of us struggle with productivity and especially the pressure that comes with it. Almost every company faces its struggles with sales productivity. Companies place a tremendous amount of pressure on the sales team despite not always giving them the tools they need to succeed. Organizations need to understand that growing its sales teams and […]

Direct Mail Still Works

  Direct mail is not dead. It creates an experience that digital marketing can’t ever replicate. Direct mail marketing is just different. Your mailbox has become the place for bills, junk mail, and who-knows-what it is dreadful. But it’s also a place for letters from family and friends and cards wishing you a happy birthday. […]

10 Tips to Close a Sale

The ultimate goal of a sales call is to finish with a new customer, but closing a sale isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. From believing in what you’re selling to researching your client and the industry to know exactly what they want, you can be on top. Knowing how to […]

Target Audiences and Enhancing Success in Sales

A look at businesses in all sectors confirms that defining your “Target Audience,” defines your success and profit making. This is the mantra especially for new business owners and those of you who want your profits to soar by creating major sales growth. Below are our summarized steps to success: Know Your Inventory and Invent […]

Every Small Business Can Win the Kentucky Derby

Three business tips small business owners can take away from this weekend’s Kentucky Derby. Just like the Kentucky Derby, entrepreneurship and capitalism have a long history steeped in tradition. With the Kentucky Derby coming up this week, it got thinking, “what can be learned from ‘the most exciting two minutes in sports’?” Here are […]


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