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Many companies use webinars to provide customers with additional information about complex products or services. Even though these sessions can be helpful and give clients all the specifics they need to make a purchase, it can be difficult to spread the word about the event. One great way to persuade customers to attend your webinar is to get a mailing list and send out an email blast.

When you're putting together your blast, make sure your subject line is specific and details a positive aspect of attending the webinar. If the webinar will feature a trending topic or well-known speaker, you may want to mention that in your subject line. Letting recipients know there is valuable information inside your email can push them to open it and read the contents.

Encourage your clients to sign up for your webinar quickly, to ensure no interested person can forget. Providing a special deal for those that sign up first will press customers to sign up as soon as they receive the email. Feature the deal prominently at the top of the email so it can't be missed.

Let your clients know exactly why they need to attend your webinar. If you tell individuals on your email list why they need to attend and what they will learn from the experience, they will be more likely to participate than if the email is vague and doesn't describe specific benefits.

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