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Do you find yourself getting pushy with your telemarketing prospects? When you're trying to find new customers, the last thing you want is for potential clients to get annoyed and hang up on you. Yes, you're making calls to sell something, but that doesn't have to mean you should force your product or service on consumers.

It's important to make your potential clients feel valued and understood. Instead of starting the call with a pitch, introduce yourself and ask your clients about problems they have with their current insurance company, cleaning service or landscaping professionals. You can then let them know exactly how your company can better serve them. Prospects may be more interested in what you have to say when it's not an obvious sales pitch.

You don't need to try to actively sell your clients anything. Sometimes it's just as effective to let a customer think a purchase was their idea. A friendly telemarketer who doesn't pressure clients can help your business build better relationships with consumers and potential prospects who choose not to buy at the moment. A lead who was treated with respect by your telemarketers in the past may be more likely to do business with you when they needs your services in the future.

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