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Social media has been a part of our culture for over a decade now; businesses have only recently taken advantage of it. Invaluable knowledge from analytics reports on social platforms has given businesses a marketing advantage never before seen. Businesses now have the opportunity to fine tune their marketing strategies and add tremendous values to their enterprise.

Here are some tips and tricks to take full advantage of social platforms:

Mobile Apps and Mobility are on the Rise

With the growing number of social media platforms out there today, demands for platforms to cater to every niche user has also increased. This is where mobile apps come into play. Reports came out in 2016 stating that more users around the world are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

That being said, a business will need a stand-alone app that delivers their service or be running ad campaigns on social platforms primarily on mobile devices. (e.g. Snapchat, Instagram.)

Another example is the app created for the Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) website For salespeople, this app is a huge time and money saver. The app, self-titled Infofree, allows its users to access and search through their ever-expanding consumer database to find potential leads or prospects. The app also has a built-in CRM that lets the users organize their leads, call them, leave personalized notes, schedule appointments, and integrate navigation apps if appointments are held at a client’s home.

Social Media Online/Offline Options to Provide Feedback

Businesses who churn out content without taking any feedback from their audience are setting themselves up for a bleak future. A practical and fine-tuned feedback listening strategy allows interaction with the maximum number of individuals on social platforms. Doing this will also give you ample opportunities to gain feedback from customers. On some platforms, this information is clearly visible near the top of your business’s page.

Also, all of your businesses interactions with your audience is clearly visible by anyone viewing your page. Have a prompt response time, positive feedback rating, and positive-engaging content; this will benefit your enterprise and dramatically raise your chances of gaining new customers.

Rise in Customer Awareness

Over a quarter of the total time spent on the internet is on social media sites. With this also comes an increase in customer awareness of the availability of the products catered to their interests.  A business needs to keep a wide spectrum of vistas to interact with the customers in order to get the maximum benefit from knowing and understanding their customer’s wants and needs.

Listen to what customers or followers are looking for and tune the content you post online to what your client-base wants. This will go a long way in retention of present customers and gain new ones.

Plan to Offer Returns for Interactions

The time spent on social media platforms is increasing exponentially and so is the number of targeted-ads seen on those sites. This is the age of information overload and the everyday internet user sees an average of 400 ads a day. Make your business stand out; it is vital for a digital marketing strategy to be successful.

One thing marketing strategist say is important is to provide incentives to customers through your social media pages. Time-based rewards, special pricing, and discounts are a few examples of offers to integrate into your businesses page. Also, post a promo code on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to catch the interests of prospective customers staring at their phone screens. Also, everyone will most likely look twice if they see the word “free” or “discount” which gives your business an edge at fully grabbing someone’s attention and directing that attention enough to the sale of the actual product.

This strategy will also vary between social media platforms; be sure to pay attention to the niche audience and how they interact with content on each site.



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