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Marketing Humor: LOL or NSFW

Whether you’re pursuing prospects with traditional marketing methods or digital marketing spaces, there is one factor that can be used to earn attention; with clever optimized marketing strategy: Humor.


Every marketer knows the importance of content and that’s the first place where humor shows its value on lead generation. The prospects will love the content when it’s not only useful but also enjoyable. Well written humor can inject a high level of interest as your experts explain the intricacies of your products.


Easier to spot are the visual humor efforts like through cartoons or funny flyers or billboards. Visual content grabs attention if optimized for your products. It’s easier and faster to process for the target audience. Cartoons, fun-infographics, product videos with funny tricks are being explored by businesses in different sectors to engage, generate and ripen leads to a successful marketing campaign.

Target Audience

Sometimes, the joke or the funny line falls flat on its face when directed at an audience not ready for that. A lot of thinking and discretion must be put in to decide usage of humor which your target audience would actually find funny. Time spent to research your audience goes a long way in finding what makes the people you’re trying to reach laugh.

Interact Success

Humor generates interactions if done successfully and those turn prospects into friendly clients. There can never be a template on how to use humor in an interaction and must be injected when and where needed. Some humor in the pocket for appropriate use can be a very lubricating factor for a smooth deal while a wrong one can just slam the door on your face. So use caution.

Vulgar vs Entertaining

In the pursuit to make their audience laugh, some marketers launch into jokes which contain a few four-letter words. This is risky unless there is an absolute necessity because of reasons like product or environs. Keep into focus that some audiences still prefer a more subtle play on dry humor.

Humor Optional

Finally always remember that humor is optional in a way that without that joke, your content must stand. Your content building in any form must be independent of the humor. Never build your content around a humorous joke or episode.



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