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With the final months of the year upon us, we get plenty of questions about what makes for quality strategies that generate an impact on lead generation.

There is an umpteen number of tactics but the following can help your marketing team to improve the ROI.

Positive Reviews

No harm in talking about how great your products are or how impressive your services have been. But make sure a third party – your loyal clients, business partners or anyone else who wants a win-win free advertisement, do it and not you.

What Went South

A few pointers, highlighting, where your team felt there was a scope of improvement, are always an asset but be careful not to go overboard with it.

Email Courses

Summing up your team’s experiences and expertise, you can offer downloadable or sent by email to those who express interest, a bunch of these digital courses. If the content is of high quality and addresses the hiccups in your sector, be sure to get free advertisement from people who read and talk about your expertise.


Based on the nearly a year-long experience, your team can develop some quizzes which can generate a buzz with those who follow the sector closely.

Business Reports

Some of the problems faced by clients and your products which offered a positive way out can be condensed into reports with subjects of a similar nature. Always keep the option open for the prospects to connect with your experts for a follow-up.

Feedback Requests

Last but not least is your lifeline to get feedback. You can offer simple upgrades to solutions, expert advise or anything which is optimum for your business, to entice feedback. Remember negative feedback leads to improvement of your understanding when addressed in a pragmatic way.



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