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Lead Generation: Are You Really Doing Your Homework


It takes more time than ever for the task of successful lead tapping and conversion into loyal customers. With a vast amount of high-quality leads available from, it looks easy to just tap into and go ahead. Failure happens, the blame game starts. There are some very simple guidelines for your Marketing Team:


Words Have Power over Leads


The marketing strategy is loosely framed and endowed with muscle power. The marketing team puts their strategy in place in the straight jacket can doom the way forward. Words have power and the marketing strategy should never have any negative words, spamming phrases and your point of view. Most importantly it should read as if the lead has written it.


Landing Pages


Most of the businesses concentrate on the queries and the calls that come in. Their volume exponentially increases if your landing page and home page are clean. With experience, every business can define the major factors for which the client/prospect is searching for a product/solution. Arranging the page in a highly prioritized way to address such subjects will get you more and more returning businesses leads.


Segregation Helps


Using the free powerful tool CRM101, to manage the prospect’s lead information into zonal, demographical and other relevant factors, helps in boosting reach out rates. Businesses managed by similar background people usually have something in common in their reactions and dealings. If that can be tapped into by using the data provided by and also with the help of AI solution, the end result is fantastic.


Long Haul


The sales process has more time needed to extract a final favorable decision from the client. The marketing team must have the readiness to answer more in-depth questions, over a longer period of engagement, depending on the size of prospect’s budget and the team size.


Best Foot Forward


Higher the budget, larger the team of your prospect and longer the duration of the contract.  More resilient and efficient your team should be in answering the questions as the process unfolds. The human factor of convincing and overcoming slightest doubts about the pragmatic investments give great ROI (Return on Investments).



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