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Totalprestige Magazine highlights Vinod Gupta. CEO of Infofree

[Originally published by Totalprestige magazine] By his own admission, Vinod Gupta has no talent apart from founding and running businesses successfully. The serial entrepreneur got his feet wet in the business world in 1972 founding infoGROUP with just $100 in his pocket. By the time he left the company in 2011, the company’s revenues were […]

Factors Influencing the Consumer Decision Process

Several factors influence the decision-making process of consumers. The way the product is marketed, how consumers think, what situations they are put into, and how society runs all impact consumers’ decisions to buy. Understanding what influences and persuades consumers to buy can help any business boost their sales and marketing spend in the right direction. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sales Campaigns

Need more information on whether or not to create a sales campaign? We’ve put together a quick list of insights into the advantages and disadvantages of sales campaigns.   Think a sales campaign would be great for your business? Learn how to get started in

Create a Winning Sales Campaign

Confidence and strategy – the two things you need to create a successful sales campaign. Sales campaigns are used as a strategy to boost the sale of products and services in a limited amount of time. The purpose is to inch current leads closer to making their purchase or to grab new consumers’ attention to […]

Find Your Target Market

We have seen it numerous times, businesses not realizing they are missing a huge opportunity because they are either targeting the wrong market entirely or so focused on one target market they don’t notice the large chunk of people coming from another. It’s crucial that businesses find their prefect target market. Before diving in you […]

Follow-Up Success Tips

  Sales follow-ups are a vital part of closing. This is where you truly make or break the deal. Every follow-up is different due to the difference in clients, so there is no definite right answer on how to go about a follow-up. We can, however, give you some general tips and tricks to help […]

Things to consider when starting a new business

Starting a new business is fun and exciting but also challenging. There are a million things you need to consider and plan out. While this is certainly not everything, we compiled a list of topics we found most important and points people don’t always consider when starting a new business. Start while you are still […]

Advice for New Salespeople

Whether you’ve known you wanted to go into sales your whole life or you’re just now getting into it, we all have to learn somehow. If you look at a seasoned salesperson, they make it look so easy. It’s like they were just born with the natural ability to sell. Chances are, however, they were […]


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