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Email marketing is a great way to find new customers and keep current clients up-to-date with new products and services. It's also a fantastic way to send out coupons, build brand awareness and promote special sales. Even though an email marketing campaign can work wonders for a business, some companies send them too infrequently. If your business isn't sending out emails on a regular basis, you may be missing out on marketing opportunities.

If you're sending advertising emails to clients once a month, it's possible that you're sending too few to get your message across. Your other marketing efforts don't only show up on one day of the month, and neither should your emails. Send them consistently to keep customers updated and interested in your brand.

Some marketers may refrain from sending out emails too frequently out of fear they'll be considered spam or customers will unsubscribe from a mailing list due to constant emails. But you don't need to send emails every day to be effective. There's a balance between too many and too few company emails, so it may take some practice to determine how many blasts a month work for your company. As long as you send blasts in moderation, email marketing can be an effective strategy.

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