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Direct marketing has been around long enough for marketers to hone their craft and develop successful strategies. But for nearly every good marketing practice, there's an equally bad one. Take the time to assess your marketing situation and look to root out these troublesome habits:

Not using a customer's preferred channel. Having success with a customer is directly related to making him or her comfortable in the marketing process. If a customer sees a certain channel as being inconvenient, the business must know to avoid it; however, marketers won't know this info until they muster up some courage and ask.

Single channel marketing. Marketing through a single channel is an archaic tradition nowadays. It's simply not as effective as multichannel, where you can reach consumers through a range of marketing avenues. Multichannel is especially necessary when considering the influence of social media and its compatibility with direct marketing standbys.

Limiting touches. It may be common practice to try and limit the number of touch points – instances of communication – with a customer within a predetermined range, but what if a customer is consistent in responding? Would it be wise to enforce the protocol anyway? It doesn't help to confine your marketing strategy from the start, because each touch point with a customer should be based off the dynamics of that unique relationship.

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