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It's hard to get a client's attention with email marketing. Once you've successfully gained a consumer's interest, it's important not to lose it. You worked hard to attract the names on your mailing list, so make sure you don't lose them with unengaging email marketing.

To keep clients from unsubscribing to your emails, you'll need to keep them interested, but not overwhelmed. Don't annoy your subscribers with a constant barrage of marketing material, or they may tire of your company filling up their inbox. If you worry your customers are unsubscribing because of too frequent emails, give them the option to receive fewer messages. On the other hand, sending pieces too infrequently may cause them to forget your company exists. Try to strike a balance that works for your clients and your business.

If you think your email frequency is ideal, but you're continuing to see clients unsubscribe, it may be time to examine your email content. Look over you last several pieces. Are they straight marketing emails, or do they also include interesting, informative content? Try including tips, trends or business news in your email blasts, and you may find that subscribers are truly interested in the emails they receive.

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