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Reaching customers on the phone is a direct marketing tactic that takes practice, whether it's telemarketing or customer service. Communicating with consumers can be tricky, and if you are trying to fix issues they have with a product or service, there may be added pressure. But good customer service is all about providing the best care possible.

Comforting customers without physically being able to assist them is the main crux of telemarketing. However, with enthusiasm, confidence and control, a phone conversation with a consumer can be extremely successful. Here are three ways to ensure that happens:

1. Upbeat attitude
Greet the customer in a positive manner and reassure him or her that you can fix their problems or will find someone who will. Acknowledging the importance of his or her problems and offering a solution in an enthusiastic way will put the customer at ease. The conversation may go better after this is established. As customer service expert Errol Allen said on the Business 2 Community blog, enthusiasm can be contagious.

2. Good listening skills
As much as customers want positive reinforcement from customer service professionals, they also want to voice their problems and complaints. Customer Service Manager magazine stresses the importance of not only hearing what the customer is saying, but digesting the information so you can be as helpful as possible. On the other hand, don't let any awkward silences or lag time enter the discussion, or both parties could lose focus and become frustrated.

3. Every day is customer appreciation day
Not everybody loves a disgruntled customer, but creating a positive experience is still key. An appreciation for each and every telemarketing contact is extremely important because it makes the customer feel valued and can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Thank the caller and let him or her know how much their business is appreciated.

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