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Recent studies have shown that most holiday shoppers waited until the last minute to complete their holiday shopping, but businesses can further increase their sales by giving consumers incentive to continue their shopping in the post-holiday season. Knowing customer information and arranging marketing tactics as well as the promoting an in-store experience could help a store see more profits into the new year and beyond.

A Consumer Reports survey showed that an estimated 132 million Americans dragged their feet finishing Christmas shopping. Consumer Reports senior editor Tod Marks says this may be because people dislike gift-shopping, hence the lag in holiday purchasing until the few days before the holiday. Why not switch gears and encourage people to shop for themselves in the post-holiday rush?

"We found in a previous poll that 20 percent of Americans dread shopping for gifts, which could explain why there are so many procrastinators this year," Marks said.

The Wall Street Journal reported that businesses can integrate specific consumer motivational tactics, which may include arranging the store and/or ecommerce site to make sure consumers shop thoroughly and methodically. Businesses shouldn't forget to amp up post-holiday multichannel marketing efforts by creating tie-ins between direct mail, email blasts and social media campaigns, especially when promoting sales and short-term specials.

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