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Social Media: Rise Above the Clutter

Your marketing team is posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media; but do you know the life-span of these postings is a few minutes to a couple of hours. You need to do a little more for longer exposure and get the maximum out of your efforts. Here we will outline some of the major pointers to use social media platforms beyond just sharing your updates.

Get Started

The first point to remember is using social media campaigns to drive leads is easy to plan, launch and monitor. Most of these campaigns are mobile-friendly. Your marketing team needs to be aware that starting takes a little extra legwork; but, once it starts rolling your team will be able to launch multiple campaigns.


Everyone talks about social media postings but one of the major factors to success is social media listening. The process can be highly focussed on what’s happening in your business sector, and who’s talking about the latest products. By going to search engine options on Twitter and others, you can monitor handles and keywords which are trending. Your experts can share answers to what are the roadblocks your potential prospects are facing and start conversations.


Depending on your fishing areas for leads, the geographical targeting can be great. For local business, these are excellent. Also, for businesses on a wider scale, these offer different ways to identify and target prospects as they engage in conversations on relevant subjects of interest.


Like geo-targeting, demographics play a major role in social media environments and your marketing team can benefit by identifying groups, conversations and other outlet activities, where the problems and solutions are being discussed and shared. Search options on can be of maximum help.

Gated Content

Content is the most important factor in driving prospects to your pages; also, engagement, but there is a certain way – beyond just providing it all for free. This is easy to promote on social media platforms. Your team can have highly relevant expertise laden content – behind a gate where an interested seeker provides some basic information, before being allowed to watch, read and benefit from your expertise. It works once the visitors know the quality of your content in an open arena is excellent.

Quizzes, Contests, and Engagements

Also, quizzes, when done right, are an effective method for generating leads on and off social media platforms. Similarly, contests where the prospects, relevant to your business, will flock, need to be optimized with a right incentive to participate and with a win-win situation even if the prospect is not a winner. Surprise gifts can add value for future participation attractions.

Pop Up Offers

Although pop-ups are not very popular, those are still a good use when optimized for your particular business. Also, keep them loaded with value in content and offers for prospects looking for solutions.

Links to Website

All social media activities must have a direct embed on your website and other relevant pages. Another advantage of a social media hub is to insert Call to Actions (CTAs) within that.

CRM Usage

Your team can make an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) by using a very useful free tool CRM with All your prospects, customers and prospective clients in the pipeline are kept in one place and worked on by your team. With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you are on the way to success.



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