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Over half of the marketers using social media to generate leads say that it has helped boost sales.  That would make sense, since on average, marketers spend between four and six hours per week on social media. While lead generation and measuring ROI from social media can be a struggle for marketers, it is clear that social media can be an important part of your marketing strategy.

Social Media Should be Relevantsocial media

When it comes to social media, it can be tough to know where to start.  Popular channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may be the easiest to use, but it’s important not to neglect niche channels.  Social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram can also be effective ways to reach your target market.  If you’re not sure which social media sites will be best for your business, get to know your audience a little better.

Focus Your Contents

Consistently producing high-quality content for multiple social media platforms and writing a blog is no simple task.  A good way to maximize your content marketing time and budget involves tailoring your content to the audience and context.  Between your blog, social media, direct mail, and other marketing campaigns, your target audience could be consuming your data in a variety of ways.  For that reason, you need to make sure that each piece of your content is contextually appropriate.

A good rule of thumb is just to appreciate both the mode (smartphone or tablet vs. PC) and habit (skimming vs. researching) of your audience’s social media content consumption. And don’t be afraid to modify your content for specific target audiences.  For example, Facebook allows you to advertise only to individuals working in the insurance industry.

Become a Subject Matter Expert

You can set yourself apart from the competitions by becoming a subject matter expert – or at least positioning yourself as one.  Blog or social media posts are a good way to flex the muscles of your expertise in your field. And if you can solve common customer problems in the process, then go for it.

Use Social Media to Create Conversation

One way to do this is by consulting with your customers while you brainstorm topics.  Consumers use social media to connect with brands and corporations on a personal level.  They will appreciate that your company is reaching out and will want to share their ideas and opinions.

Publishing relevant content on a regular basis isn’t always enough.  Strategizing what you put out and when will keep readers coming back.  It will also make them more likely to participate.

A good rule to follow is be easily accessible.  And avoid intimidating your audience.  If you assume the every member of the audience who is reading the article is an expert, your target market will be less likely to share the content or add their input.

Keep “Pitching” at a Minimum

In order to increase lead conversions through social media, keep the self-promotion to a minimum.  Your target audience is probably using social media to build relationships, not view advertisements.

It’s also important for you to monitor your channels on a daily basis.  One negative comment on social media can spread and spiral out of control.  Addressing issues in a timely manner can help your brand build credibility.

Provide the Right Information at the Right Time

Giving your audience the right information at the right time is a key to successfully generating leads with social media.  By giving your customers the push that they need while they are in the sales process, you can increase the chance that you will close the deal.

The social media formula is very simple.  Be aware of what your customers are saying, share information that is thoughtful and relevant to them, and keep pitching at a minimum.  It may seem obvious, but an important key to your social media campaign’s success is being social.  Don’t hang back; just listen more than you talk. When it’s your turn to talk, do so in a relevant way to increase your company’s lead generation capacity.


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