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For the past few decades, database marketing has been the traditional go-to solution for marketers looking to drive sales. Even with the development of email and the importance of reaching leads online, database marketing has maintained its place as the foundation of the industry. The rise of social media, however, gave companies the opportunity to reach consumers immediately. But the online evolution has positively affected the database marketing industry and social media has the potential to increase the traditional marketing method’s importance within consumer culture.

Ability to instantly collect client data

Database marketers are always looking for new means of assimilating customer information, and social media allows marketers insights into consumer culture. The sites offer companies the opportunity to track their target consumers through Facebook likes, Twitter feeds and Pinterest pins. Each of these sites grant businesses immediate information through customer activity, such as comments on company products.

But social media as a research tool is unstructured, and many database marketing experts suggest only using the sites as a means to gain consumer perceptions, and not as another method of acquiring analytics. Software cannot perceive various kinds of language within blogs and posts, and might not be the best solution for marketers thinking about using social media instead of traditional analyzing methods.

Many email subscribers are on social media, and marketers might want to consider adding an option within marketing materials to connect with the company through their social media page. However, businesses might want to keep special email offerings exclusively for the customers on their mailing lists.

Networking generates new leads

Social media grants clients the ability to talk about and refer a company to members within their connected circle. Many of these contacts might be within the businesses’ target audience and marketers might not have been able to reach without the referral.

New leads through networking sites do not have to be confined to the online world – companies can employ email and direct mail marketing initiatives to them as well. By connecting with new customers online, marketers now have the immediate opportunity to offer email and direct mail subscriptions. Giving consumers options regarding their contact with the company can improve client experience and satisfaction with the brand.

In addition, many clients are starting to find themselves moving away from the social sites and might appreciate businesses that take the time to figure out their specific preferences in case they do not stay virtually connected.

Younger generations becoming bored with social media

New research into consumer behavior indicates customers are starting to decrease their time on social media sites. According to Piper Jaffray, an investment and asset management firm, younger consumers are getting tired of the networking sites. Previous research indicated teenaged buyers drive $819 billion in sales worldwide, but depending on a company’s target audience this might not be too important. Either way, as more generations of consumers start returning to more traditional marketing methods, database marketers might see an increase in sales among direct mail and email lists.

The future of social media in the marketing world might be unclear, but database marketers can take the new networking tool and begin to use its benefits within their own campaigns. No matter what happens, online sites will continue to garner useful consumer information and drive customers toward a company’s brand.

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