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Using a multipronged approach to generate sales leads online is a critical way to keep your flow of leads constant. Being a sales professional or small business owner, you may be limited with how much you can spend for marketing.

Some low cost ways of getting your name or brand out there are having active social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Creating useful or educational content is a great way to engage prospects and leave them with a lasting impression. It’s often said, “The more you teach, the more you sell”.

Reddit is a great platform where you find niche groups of people who may be perfect for your product/service. Offering suggestions, advice, or feedback in comments is a great way to help others, and is an invasive way to get your name or brand out there. The same strategy can be applied with YouTube comments.

Generate Leads Online

Google Adwords or Microsoft BingAds are effective ways to get people to your website, but can also be costly if done incorrectly. Getting visitors to your website where they can learn about your product/service is the ultimate goal for many online businesses. Capturing website visitors with web forms is a great way to generate relevant leads. Once there, you can apply Google remarketing display ads to follow these potential buyers around for particular duration.

Supplemental ways of generating sales leads and filling up your sales pipeline can be done by using third party lead/data providers. Although the leads are not pre-qualified, they can be a great way to begin the qualification process. Tools like these typically have selections to filter demographics, interests, hobbies, geography, income, home value, and many other selections to help you pinpoint your target audience.

Lastly, having a way to track performance and the source of that online lead is critical for knowing where to allocate and adjust your online marketing budget to keep your sales leads pipeline full for continuous sales.


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