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Thank you readers for your overwhelming response and feedback to last week’s post Choosing a Lead Generation Option, where we talked about unlimited sales leads, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

We had a a lot of input from small businesses/retailers with queries about how to do local lead generation and how they can trust and utilize the available databases in an optimum manner.

First and foremost, lets shatter a myth that sales leads, mailing lists or databases are 100% accurate. This is simply not possible as businesses come and go on a daily basis.

At, we agree our databases are not perfect, but they are the best and most accurate in the industry. We diligently update our databases thus making our business databases 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.

As a small business owner, sometimes, its a one-person or two-persons show and you can imagine if you had to go out and find these leads on your own … it would take a lot of time and cost thousands of dollars.

With our lead generation databases, you can have access to unlimited sales leads – any time you want and without limits. All that for a flat monthly fee without any hidden costs.

For the small business owner, the local leads are not only a starting point but a base to build on. Using lead qualification criteria, you may have to qualify these leads for your particular business, but once you do, you will end up with a high quality prospect list. Powered with such a list, you find new customers and give your business a much needed boost with an edge over the competition.

The secret lies in utilizing all the tools provided by Infofree to maximize your efforts. You should be able to use the sales leads, mailing lists and databases in conjunction with CRM101® a powerful tool which comes free with Infofree services. (Please check our last blog post Choosing a Lead Generation Option).

Last but not least, our valuable helplines are always available to answer your questions and help you with growing your businesses. You can reach us at 877 448 0101.


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