Infofree Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Like all data providers, our data may not be perfect but our data Guarantee has you covered. If you receive incorrect information, have undeliverable contacts, or out of date data on an exported record we will credit your account with a replacement at no charge.

Infofree Guarantee

Use Infofree to your advantage

When you signup for an Infofree subscription you receive our full commitment to guide you towards leads that are most effective for you. We want you to succeed, and that’s why our sales reps and customer service is there to advice and demonstrate how you can use our system to your advantage.

Truth about sales leads and mailing lists

We’ll provide you with the highest quality possible, but keep in mind that no list is 100% accurate. Our databases are updated constantly to provide you with the freshest and most responsive leads available.

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We guarantee our data will give you the information you need to succeed.

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