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Thanksgiving Week is here. The annual event is about not only turkey but also giving thanks for what your business has. After watching the trends and doing diligent research, our experts at came up with the following dos and don’ts while handling your Thanksgiving week and beyond marketing strategy:

Short Attention Span

First and foremost remember that your audience will have a short attention span when it comes to email or any other kind of online messaging. If you are in a sector that caters to this holiday then you know what to do before, during or after the event to reach out with deals and other niceties. But if you have products for other business sectors you can be very concise in word usage when.

Incredible Instant

The subject line of the email or the message has to be incredibly enticing for your reader. If you want the prospect to land in your lap during this holiday season; it’s better to avoid words like FREE, Incredible Offer, Once in a lifetime etc. which are thrown around by most. Your winning cards get the best deal by saying in straight language: What you’re offering instead of teasing like normal times.

Mobile Friendly Humor

On Thanksgiving tables when one wants to avoid listening to a monologue from an elderly relative; then checking one’s smartphone is seen as a smart way out. Your email or message, if mobile friendly, can be a savior for the person and if you can add a pinch of humor, relevant to your business sector, you are a winner.

Let Competition Lag

Most pundits in the business sectors except where there is relevance for the particular holidays, advise to shut down virtual marketing efforts. You will do great to beat the competition if you can keep your marketing machinery running but with a pragmatic approach. You never know when Lady Luck is going to smile on your business. Also, remember problems don’t respect holidays so why should you, who are offering solutions. Just make sure to fine-tune your marketing efforts more to problem-solving mode.

Automated Replies

On the holiday trail, most people set their email responders to automated modes of replying that they have limited connectivity or not checking emails till the end of the holiday season. Your team shouldn’t be fooled by such answers and be encouraged to send concise, short and solution-based email messages. Most prospects still check their emails and if you are offering something that is relevant, you are a winner.

Funnel, CRM Usage

As your team uses the lists provided by, where the business databases have 95% accuracy and consumer databases approximately 90% accuracy. Make sure to use their free CRM tool provided. Save the prospects for your funnel for further interactions along the way.

Black Friday

Thus following such a strategically optimized marketing plan will definitely make Black Friday a profitable experience. As your ROI (Return on Investment) will expand and your profits will soar.



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