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Engagement – Real on Virtual Platforms

Most marketing strategies opt for social media postings as important and have a regular updating schedule on their social media platforms. Good but not excellent for getting maximum engagement out of the efforts and engaging prospects for further expansion. Once you have made your list of prospects from, there are ways to reach out to them in more engaging and interesting ways than just cold calling or dropping an email.

The following helpful guidelines work wonders if implemented diligently and your efforts optimized along the way:

Content is King

First and foremost make sure to have your marketing team thinkers put a short concise content on highlights of your product and solutions. Also, make sure they have all the answers ready for most of the questions which arise in a deal. The important point to note is although we say Content is the King we also qualify it by saying it must be in the Common Man Language Always.

Now your team can use the following to expand social media engagements.


A social media platform which has been ignored by most businesses is a question and answer website Quora. With its popularity expanding exponentially in different sectors and for umpteen subjects, your marketing team can do a benefit to your business by engaging in it. Let them brainstorm how best they can do it for the best results.


Like Quora, Google+ brings participants together on subjects and sectors of common interest and is another simple way to post and engage prospects together. Your marketing team can lead discussions, thus becoming influencers with products and solution on offer as well. The platform offers amazing results if pursued with diligence as potential prospects participate in conversations, leading to conversions.


Just tweeting on Twitter is no more as productive in lead generation as engaging different tools offered by this fast moving social media platform. Twitter Cards are very useful in increasing lead generation and must be used as much as possible. Another simple way is to promote your tweet. Depending on your budget, you can use to promote your punchline tweets about your product and solutions.

LinkedIn Writings

Posting blogs/articles on LinkedIn is common but it also advised to check other platforms like their publishing platform. This was opened to all users so anyone can create content. Your marketing team can modify and update your blogs and other content to utilize this.

Facebook Tools

In addition to just posting on your Facebook page, your team should once in a while go for Facebook live, Facebook quizzes and other engagement tools to attract prospects to participate and invite clients to showcase their satisfaction.


Another social media platform which is making inroads based on excellent content is Medium. Also, it has Medium Daily Digest and links to trending subjects. A must for an entrepreneur to reach the intellectual and avid reader kind of leads, who are looking for explanations.


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