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Becoming a top-notch telemarketer comes with time and practice, just like any other direct marketing technique. Luckily for telemarketers, they have the best pool of experience to draw from to inform their strategy: Real-life conversations. There's nothing more telling about how you perform as a telemarketer than the customer's reaction and your reaction to him or her. That said, monitor your next cold calls to see how well you pick up on and develop these essential skills fo rsuccessful teleprospecting.

Identifying the consumer's problem – The key to the eventual sale is first recognizing what it is the consumer wants or needs. This requires you to dig a little deeper than you might imagine and get to the root of their pain. You can do this by asking consumers what they value, what trouble they have and what can solve their dilemmas. Trying to push a sale in the first call may amount to trying to push a square peg through a triangular hole. Marketers need to understand their customers' problems first and foremost before they can move along the sale.

Keep those spirits high – You will be hung up on, you will be barked at by an overbearing customer and you will see a sale slip right through your grasp. These things will happen, but it's important to put these mistakes as far out of your memory as you can. Don't immediately disqualify them because they can be a learning resource. Let the bad get to you and customers will hear the lethargy and antipathy in your voice over the call. If you remain positive, you're more likely to become successful.

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