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Nowadays, companies are strengthening both their offline and online presences, utilizing both direct mail and email marketing. Many businesses can lean toward one or the other, but professionals say using both can support the marketing campaign and engage more customers.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, building your company’s online presence makes your product and service more accessible for consumers. Reaching your customers online gives them a better idea of your products and services as well as allows you to create a relationship before, during and after they invest in the commodity. 

Before the many technological advances of this century, direct mail and email marketing would have had their own separate roles, but combined the tactics can now support a systematic and successful campaign.

Direct mail is an essential part of how consumers interact with a brand. The R and R Images blog offers the idea of using mail campaigns to bring people to the company website and further inform them on your product or service. Once on the website, you can keep track of them and see how you can offer further assistance. Using direct mail and targeting specific customers will ensure that you are investing in customers that will return with investment.

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