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If you're using email in a direct marketing campaign, chances are a large portion of the leads use a smartphone to check email. So, to contend with the dynamic landscape of email, marketers have begun to shift their strategies to not only be compatible with desktop, but also mobile. The truth is, a business that doesn't have a mobile email strategy will likely fall behind competitors.

A couple of the tenets for desktop email marketing can go for mobile marketing just the same, but with a slight tweak. Subject lines are always more likely to get attention when they are written with the least possible number of characters, but this is made even more true for mobile. Smartphone screens are only so wide, so it's necessary to pare down subject lines while still keeping them enticing and informative.

High-resolution images can give an email some razzle-dazzle and get the customer's attention, but they don't work as well on smartphones, no matter how fast the phone's connection. Large images eat up data and take over the email, so if you need to include an image, make it small and make sure it is absolutely relevant.

One problem marketers don't have with desktop email is getting the lead to read the entire email because it's all on one big screen. Mobile, however, necessitates scrolling to view the entire content of the email. Put the important stuff up front as always, but keep enough out to give the user motivation to keep scrolling.

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