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Every step in the expert optimized content marketing strategy is essential to get a successful lead generation finale, conversion of prospects into clients, cementing customers into loyalty brackets and use the free tool CRM provided by

The following pointers go a long way in generating content, take it forward and make the best use of available data from
Concise, User-Friendly Content

Your content has to be professional and concise but your team must make sure the content is in simple language. Also that it’s user-friendly and has a high-level of functionality instead of cumbersome descriptive narrations. Remember the importance of targeted content generation before jumping into showcasing the products.

Social Media on the Move

With the advent of the Internet, social media platforms became the buzzwords. It becomes imperative for your team to double-check on how your web pages, your testimonials, and other content appears on the mobile devices. At no time and for no content, your team should assume that it appears fine on the mobile domains. There must be a validated effort to make it appear fast and clear on mobile platforms. The result will be amazing.

Testimonials are Word of Mouth

The marketing value of word of mouth has been established from ancient days but today its taking new meanings and new channels. A genuine testimonial from an identified client goes a long way in converting a prospect. Again the testimonials when in video form, should be short but highlighting the usage and should avoid hollow sounding flattering phrases. You should use them on as many platforms as possible, in long and short versions.

Case Studies

For every targeted section/sector, an essential process which yields maximum benefit is to have regular case studies. These help in not only defining the path but also serve as a beacon. Make sure this is understood by your team so they shine in their next approach.

Identification and Targeting

Some marketing strategies lose their effectiveness by being too vague and trying to appeal to all. The key to success is identifying the audience using earlier mentioned testimonials and case studies. And then making a move to focus on that audience with all the tools in your arsenal. For different products, the methods can be different but it works to identify and use target clustered audience for lead conversion.

Usage of CRM

In using the aforementioned guidelines, you are armed with business databases which are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate. In moving forward but keeping track of your path, the free tool of CRM is a valuable asset to use. Our experts are always available to help and guide you in case of any hiccups.


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