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The holiday season is just around the corner, and shoppers are prepared to make their purchases. Most consumers like to start their shopping early in the season, which highlights the need for marketing campaigns to begin as early as possible. For companies that have been waiting for Halloween to be over to fully launch their holiday marketing efforts, now is the time to ensure those strategies are in full-swing.

Many consumers already shopping
Most customers don't wait until the last minute to purchase holiday gifts, decorations and necessities. In fact, the majority have already started or are just starting their quest for holiday products and presents. The National Retail Federation reported that while 39 percent of consumers start making purchases in November, more than 40 percent get going before then. Fewer than 20 percent wait until some point in December to start shopping.

With this many shoppers starting their purchases early on in November or even before, it's critical to have marketing in place to accommodate these customers and make sure they know about the great holiday deals your business is offering.

Pressed for time?
If you've been putting off your holiday marketing and planning on getting to it at some point, you may be in a panic as to how to effectively market your business this holiday season. Because it's already the beginning of November, you may think time has run out and you'll no longer be able to launch a marketing campaign. That isn't true – there's still time to get started – but any elaborate strategies may be off the table this year.

If you want to get the word out there as quickly as possible, one of the best marketing ideas may be an email blast. Provided you have access to accurate email lists, these campaigns can be extremely effective and generate a large amount of consumer interest. They're great for marketers in a time crunch because they can be designed quickly and sent off to consumers instantly. If you develop and design an email blast today, it's possible to have it in customers' inboxes by tomorrow – that's what makes email such a great marketing tool for businesses getting a last-minute start on holiday advertising.

It's not too late for other techniques, such as direct mail, either. As long as you have great mailing lists and can focus your efforts to ensure your piece goes out as soon as possible, direct mail marketing is still a viable holiday advertising option.

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