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If you're selling apparel, you're very likely trying to keep up with the latest trends to find new customers, such as having an online store and using the latest marketing techniques. But what if the advertising strategies that would work well are actually some of the oldest ones in the book?

Direct mail is making a comeback, and it's especially prevalent in the retail industry. Email blasts and other new advertising techniques may also be great avenues to take, but consumers don't mind receiving an excellently designed piece of direct mail that features great deals.

If you've typically stayed with newer forms of marketing, this holiday season may be a great time to try something new, and there are plenty of benefits to direct mail. By sending out a catalog, you can showcase all the products you offer and make a lasting impression on a consumer, while a postcard can be a short and sweet way to grab attention with an eye-catching deal. No matter what form of direct mail you choose to use, it can be a great way for any clothing retailer to try something new with holiday marketing and hopefully see fantastic results.

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