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How is changing the way small businesses utilize their current customers to find lookalikes.

As a small business owner or salesperson, you probably follow a number of steps during your sales process. Ideally, you connect with your prospect, building a relationship that allows them to like and see the value in your product. They buy it, and then they come back and buy more. They are your best customer. But what do you know about them? How do you find a prospect who is just like your best customer? In a five mile radius around your business, how many prospects are identical to the one you just turned into a customer?

Many of our customers have found themselves with this exact problem. They know each customer individually, but they don’t know what those same customers have in common. These small businesses need the Big Data industry to find prospects and grow sales.

And researchers agree. A Digiday survey of digital advertisers showed that 40% of respondents saw between 2 and 3 times improvement in performance with targeted prospects.  Similarly, a case study by Oracle BlueKai and Datacratic saw a 1000% increase in conversion from prospect to customer with customer cloning. However, small business owners and sales people can not effectively utilize Big Data unless they have a way to analyze that data.

Most often, small businesses access Big Data in the form of lead lists that are chock full of information on either businesses or consumers. These lists of data can have many uses, like telemarketing, direct mailings, and email marketing.

Equally as important to business is analytics – or the ability to find and utilize important patterns in data.

Pretend for a second that you have ten customers.  Of those ten, five are in the healthcare field and one is in the automotive business. Obviously, you would want to put a heavier focus on healthcare prospects because you have a product or service that is of value to them. set out to give its subscribers the analytics tool they need to identify prospects and grow their sales. The company – a premier provider of sales leads, and mailing lists – recently announced the release of its newest feature, Customer Cloner™.

Previously, this type of technology had only been available to large corporations. Not to mention that the analytics cost thousands of dollars to run.  Customer Cloner™ certainly fits the criteria that is important when it comes to Big Data analytics products:

Use of the Customer Cloner is included with an subscription. All the user has to do is upload their customer list into the free contact manager – CRM101.  As long as you have at least 200 customers, the Customer Cloner system will compare your file against their stash of Big Data to find lookalike prospects for you. Those perfect target prospects can be like a needle in a haystack. Customer Cloner will allow small business owners and sales people to stop wasting time and money pursuing the wrong prospects. has released a truly innovative, new feature that allows subscribers to get prospects just like their best customers. Plus, it’s brand new to the market – you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. believes this is a feature that will give the Davids an opportunity to compete against the Goliaths when it comes to competing for customers. For the first time, analytics that harness the power of Big Data are available to small businesses.


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