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Choosing the best lead generation service

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As an entrepreneur you love your business, and to grow it, you need to consider lead generation options. Experience shows that finding a good data provider can be extremely trying, but we are confident we have found a perfect balance between accuracy, affordability and user-friendliness in™.

There are pertinent questions that one needs to consider before deciding: Where does the data come from? How often is it updated? Do they guarantee a certain standard of accuracy? Infofree is a true compiler of data, and its cloud-based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system helps you grow your business and its profitability.

With’s system, you get unlimited sales leads, email lists, mailing lists, a free CRM, its proprietary clonelytics software and a mobile application with mapping features.

To provide you with the highest quality lead generation, Infofree *business databases* are updated every month and are 95% accurate while consumer databases are approximately 90% accurate.


The CRM, a powerful tool, comes free with Infofree services to help you turn your sales leads into customers, manage your prospects’ contact information, schedule appointments and map their location. With the limitations on free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…), you can not send mass mailings as these are not structured to handle those. You can, however send up to 250 emails per day from CRM101.

Make notes for each lead

After selecting a record, you have the ability to makes notes for that lead on the right-hand side under the “Contact Manager” tab. When making a note, your lead will automatically be added to the contact manager, CRM101®
Business Sales Leads

See your prospects on a map!

After narrowing down you search, you have the ability to view your sales leads on a map when you go to the CRM101® contact manager.
See Your Prospects on a Map

Sync your calendar

Sync your Google and Outlook accounts with the new CRM101® calendar integration. This feature allows users to set up appointments and meetings while saving time.
Infofree Features

Send emails through the CRM101®

Users have the ability to pre-write and save email templates in the CRM101®. These templates can help make sending emails to multiple people much easier and more effective. Users can to send up to 250 emails a day, this updated feature allows for a much smoother and faster emailing process and gives the user the ability to reach out to more customers.
Email Prospecting

When importing from Infofree to CRM101, they already have longitude and latitudes of all records with a valid address. This piece of information is imported along with other consumer/business data and used for mapping purposes. Additionally, when importing a personal list using csv or excel file to CRM, there is a system in place which validates the address and verifies with google to retrieve longitude and latitude information corresponding to every record that the user manually imports to the CRM.

With the launch of this weekly post, we are listening to you, responding to you and also carry your experiences as we trudge the successful road to empower you and bring prosperity to your businesses.

At, we reiterate our commitment to your success and look forward to your feedback. Please call us at 877 448 0101 to get started!


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