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With the advent of a new year there’s more to be done than just generating soon-to-be-forgotten resolutions. Instead try using all that built up energy to create some new attention grabbing marketing content in an inexpensive and effective way. The most effective being posters and flyers as they’re easy to design, produce, can be extremely versatile and used in email and mailing lists.

The first and most important step is not to rush the design of the content. This can result in ordering mass quantities of a product that unknowingly contains a small error that will deem it all useless and a huge waste of resources, time and money. As the design process is taking place, every detail-oriented eye should be on it like a hawk. Fearless feedback should be provided as every individual should have a chance to review it. Also, it is a good idea to have some of your loyal customers/clients look over it and give feedback.

Some of the basics in design that will help in the long run are:

 Powerful and Subtle Headlines:

 Innovative, funny and attention grabbing phrases and content that are optimized for your product can get stuck in the readers head like a mesmerizing music tune. If humor can be injected, do so but keep it discreet and at a minimum. Such phrases should be kept in the title and subheading of the email or direct mailing list.

Pick Me Up:

The first prominent words should attract the reader to the product in such a way that it’s screaming, “Pick me up!” As if they’re a kid in a candy store.

Need-Want Balance:

Although different products in various businesses can vary in their appeal and necessity, there is always a thin line of demarcation between urgent need and just a want for the product. Therefore the focus should be the feelings of the prospective customer and not the company. The goal is to convey the feeling that the product is designed for the customer and is a MUST have.

Loud but Concise:

Everyone involved in the design process should be focusing on a loud but concise content message. Avoid using clichés like the plague. Take color-chemistry into account when choosing the colors of your poster or flyer as certain colors will spark different feelings from the viewer.

Use Social Media Links:

As always your social media platform links and logos should be found towards the bottom of the poster or flyer you’re creating.

Umpteen Checks:

This cannot be reiterated enough. Proof read the copy until you have it memorized. Have as many experts as possible review the final draft before sending anything to the printer. This ensures the highest quality because if a flaw is noticed by a viewer your product automatically loses any credibility is once had.


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