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Lead Generation or Customer Base Acquisition

As an entrepreneur, your dream is to build a successful business with a vast and loyal customer base. Everyone is vying to get the prospect’s attention, entice visitors and convert leads into sales deals. In addition to run-of-the-mill suggestions like using direct mail, email, sales offers and other methods, there are some specific pointers. Extract maximum benefits, using leads from the business databases of having 95% accuracy while consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy. The following of those can guide your team to optimize your efforts in your business of choice and arena.

Product Placements

Depending on the field of your activity, product placement can deliver a quick boost of inquiries to from your customer base. Your budget and business connections play a vital role in the product’s notoriety. Some of the intellectual-solutions have found a great way forward through inclusion in a presentation; a university professor who endorses the qualities of your offerings. Invest in product placement; compared to exorbitant costs of advertising spaces to achieve the same audience reach. Moreover, audiences are notorious for switching off sounds and/or attention during advertisements.

Link Bonding

In the modern competitive marketing world, one of the least used methods is link bonding or link building where there is a sharing of link hosting with other websites and pages. The process is a challenging and time-consuming effort for the marketing team but the benefits surpass the investments. There are now AI solutions and even helpful searches on databases; which can help your team identify the similar or allied partners to explore back-linking possibilities.


Another slightly different from link bonding is the method of co-marketing where complementary and non-competitive alliances are made for a way forward strategy. In most of the business sectors, such mutually beneficial activities can be identified and generated. Your customer base is easier to reach when multiple sources of marketing are in use.

Expertise Showcasing

There are many options in which your experts can become the talk of the industry in their chosen fields; thus raising the awareness levels of your brands. Speaking at trade fairs, through webinars and posting blogs are some of the ways in which your experts can showcase your brand. Over a period of time, once the brand name gets established, it becomes easier to maintain it.



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