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More businesses are realizing that direct mail marketing tactics have the potential to boost brand sentiment and strengthen customer relationships.

A recent survey by Citipeak Productions determined that seven out of 10 consumers feel more loyal toward a brand after purchasing a product or service through a direct marketing approach. Nick Johnson, managing director of the firm, explained that this increased brand loyalty is a crucial objective for marketing strategies because it implies long-term impact on revenue from consistently increased profit.

“To build brand loyalty, you need to build relationships with your customers,” he stated. “This relationship is built through face to face sales because it is much more personal than other forms of marketing and selling.”

Direct mail marketing requires careful planning for success, however. Grant Johnson, Chief Marketer contributor, outlined some marketing tips for devising these strategies. The most critical points, according to Johnson, are the mailing list and messaging content. He explained that effective direct marketing depends on going back to the basics of having a deep understanding of all customer segments, and customizing offers and content so messages resonate more strongly with each individual’s preferences and desires. By personalizing these campaigns, consumers are more likely to take action.

Experimentation and measuring results

Johnson suggested that businesses conduct the most testing on mailing lists, followed by offers and messaging. Creative testing should begin with trying out different copy while maintaining the same layout, since words are primarily what incites a response. Once strong copy has been developed, marketers can experiment with different formats and elements comprise the most attractive design.

According to Johnson, timing is also a key factor to consider since it can determine whether a message inspires a purchase or gets ignored entirely. He explained that businesses should analyze the results of previous campaigns and ensure that messages are seasonally relevant. Additionally, marketers need to consider how often messages are sent out so subscribers do not get overwhelmed and irritated. Nick Johnson of Citipeak asserted that making direct mail marketing a priority is crucial in the oversaturated marketplace.

“Brand loyalty is the backbone of any successful business,” he explained. “We live in an ever increasingly global market, and consumers today have so much choice.”

While marketing efforts have become distributed through new channels of communication, direct marketing can demonstrate to clients that their unique preferences are still valued, thus securing loyalty. By focusing on direct mail marketing, campaigns can become more targeted and efforts more measurable for continually improved strategies.

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