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The Art of Funnel Management

In tapping and converting prospects into final successful deals is time consuming, costly and requires patience. With the available leads from, the business databases, having 95% accuracy and consumer databases with approximately 90% accuracy, you are set for outbound leads. You can go ahead and reach out to them through your defined marketing methods.

Also, your website, your webinars and other methods incorporated in your marketing schedule are sure yielding results for leads additionally. All these go into a concept called the funnel; through which your sales process filter these to the bottom.

Wide Top

On the top of the funnel, is the widest part to grab all and every lead that your team is accumulating and feed goes in without any filters. Your team must have Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in place on your website and other landing pages to grab visitor details and all those go into this wide top mouth.

First Sieve

Now your marketing team starts identifying prospects with even slight inclination; based on the interest shown, any call-to-action taken or queries posted. This step also gives you potential sales leads albeit in a broader sense.

CRM Play

Although you can use the CRM tool,available FREE with anytime in the sales process, to streamline and manage your funnel in an optimized way, this is the best stage to feed the potential sales leads into the CRM. The use provides your team to keep an eye on the successful growth of the prospects into clients.

Personal Touches

With your potential prospects lined up, your team must move beyond any automation. Make a personal reach-out with experts to clear any doubts. Therefore, depending on the prospects’ frequency of visits to the sites, your team can identify those as high potential opportunities.

Final Pitch

Starting from the raw data on top, the team is ready for the final pitches; the strongest leads turn into the successful sales.

Business Specific

When putting leads and prospects on top, be business specific. Therefore, you can also weed out as soon as you can identify any artificial inputs like spam.

Smart Thinking-Smart Choice

Instead of hoarding along all, your experts can make smart choices and define the ongoing process to benefit the most from your time and money input.

Whatever your business area is, practiced patience, optimized expertise and concentrated approach along the funnel path with your unflinching efforts and unsullied faith, will yield a good Return on Investment (ROI).



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