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Flyers are a wonderful marketing tool for companies because they're inexpensive and effective. They're also very easy to produce and extremely versatile. Sometimes though, businesses rush to produce flyers in mass quantities and overlook the potential of the paper's design and message. Especially around the holiday season, it's important to make your direct marketing material stand out. Here are six tips on creating an eye-catching and meaningful flyer:

Use powerful and short headlines and titles. Choose words carefully and include sentences or phrases that are eye-catching, informative and/or funny. Remember that the biggest words on the page are the ones the consumer is going to see first and will determine whether he or she will want to keep reading or toss the flyer.

Explain why your product fits your readers' needs, desires and lifestyles. Use personal pronouns and make sentences brief. Keep the content of the flyer focused on the consumer, not the company, and remember that his or her reaction will likely be, "What's in it for me?"

Be clear and concise. It's important to avoid being wordy, exaggerating and using clichés. Too much print on one page will visually frustrate the reader and distract him or her from the central message of the flyer. It's also crucial for several people to proofread the flyer to avoid improper grammar and misspellings. Double-check contact and social media information too. Getting multiple opinions on the flyer is also a great way to avoid sending out content that could be considered offensive.

Organize your flyer. Map out the design, and avoid complexity. Blank space often emphasizes the flyer's photos and words. Use a couple variations of the same font, and use only a few central images rather than many smaller ones.

Only use high-quality photos. No matter how accurately a photo captures your flyer's message, it won't be effective unless it is completely clear. A hazy photo will only ruin a flyer. If you're on a tight budget, avoid using photos altogether, and instead focus on using engaging and clean print.

Strategically place your logo. Many companies slap their logo at the top or in the middle of the flyer. While this may help for companies with a very loyal brand following, businesses trying to reach new consumers should keep the focus on the consumer and not the company.


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