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Email Subject Lines

Nothing is worse than sending out an email and not receiving a response. The goal of an email marketer to get their email read, clicked, and to receive some type of reaction such as a call, or action to the website.

But before that can even happen, you must get your readers to open the email. This is why creating an effective subject line is one of the most important elements to creating a successful email marketing campaign. Think of your subject line as a first impression, you only get one chance to make a good one.

Boost your email response with the following 5 best practices for writing effective email messages.

Avoid being generic

Mix up your subject lines. Don’t keep using the same one. You should change the subject line to reflect what you’re going to offer in the message. Using generic phrases such as “Increase your sales”, “Make money”, or “Work from home” are bad subject lines that you should avoid using. Instead write subject lines that are unique, original, or interesting.

Keep it short and sweet

Straight and to the point. Keeping your subject line clear and concise will provide the readers. The majority of email these days are being read from their mobile devices anyways, which limits the number of subject line characters seen on their inbox.

Avoid spammy words

Consumers are more educated these days, which means that they can sniff out generic or spammy emails. Avoid using words like “free”, “winner”, and “prize”. Here is a list of spam trigger words that you should avoid.

Personalize or localize it

The best way to catch a reader’s attention is to personalize the message by localizing it or even including the readers name. Doing this will definitely eliminate the issue of being generic.

Utilize a subject line research tool.

Using a tool like is great for testing the deliverability and predicted response of your email subject line. Come up with a couple of different versions of your email subject line and test them to see which one will generate the best open-rate response.


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