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Email is already one of the latest technological advancements in marketing. But even considering that, there are still a number of ways to enhance email through further technological breakthroughs. One of those ways to capitalize on breakthroughs in email marketing is by taking advantage of automation tools. If marketers are slaving away at the keyboard for too long, the practice can become quite inane and frustrating. But having automation tools in place that will reduce the workload and boost productivity is increasingly becoming common among email marketers. Here are four ways marketers can effectively integrate automation strategies into their email marketing campaign.

Welcome emails: As soon as marketers adds a contact to their mailing list or a user finds the business and subscribes to its emails, customers should receive an email thanking them for their interest. Welcome emails establish a rapport between consumer and business right from the get-go and sets the stage for a profitable relationship. Automated welcome emails are also sent as close to the point of subscription as possible, ensuring consumers will receive a welcoming message almost as they continue to check through their inbox. There's no better way to get noticed than by having a message sent as the consumer is using email, and automated tools can accomplish just that.

Content delivery: One of the most effective ways for businesses to mine their consumer email contact list for sales is by establishing a customer cycle, which is made possible through – you guessed it – automation tools. Having a defined consumer cycle helps the business further understand purchasing habits and set the cycle up to sync with their business strategy so sales come in when they are needed. Cycles are kept up by constant and dependable delivery, the kind that is ensured by an automated delivery schedule. Not only will it create a cycle for consumers, but recipients will also start to recognize patterns and identify the dates and times your emails will come through. The raised awareness will lead them to look out for emails, and there's nothing better than a consumer interested enough to actively keep an eye.

Cart abandonment: For a variety of reasons, many consumers unfortunately get as far as adding products to their cart before ditching the process. Sometimes they can be sidetracked by another obligation, just plain forget or reverse their decision. However, that doesn't mean any chance at a sale is completely lost. Sometimes contacting the consumer and alerting them of the cart abandonment might be enough to get them to rethink their decision. Sending automated emails after an abandonment will at the least show consumers you're interested and committed to providing an easy purchasing process.

Social media: Social media is the most important tool to connect businesses with their consumer bases. However, it becomes a painful task to constantly go into emails and remind recipients they can share your content and ask them to follow you on social platforms. But again, automation capabilities can do the job for you by seamlessly integrating sharing and profile buttons into the email, either on a sidebar or in a company's electronic signature. They can also coordinate social media efforts by Tweeting content at the same time you post it to Facebook or Pinterest.

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